ELOY Awards 2017


ELOY Awards 2017

ELOY Awards 2017; Press Conference

For the past 8 years, it has been nothing but success stories all the way, and the 9th edition of the ELOY Awards would undoubtedly be different to the preceding years. It’s time to welcome a new host of brilliantly skilled women from different fields in the industry, women of substance whose handiworks have no business going unnoticed.

Whatever ways your careers have been shaped or whatever career paths, your craft can no longer be hidden.

Although the ELOY Awards nominations ended on the 30th of September, the ‘Ladies Who Inspire’┬ácategory┬ánominations are still open until the 2nd of November.




With up to 14 categories, ELOY Awards 2017 aims to be able to continue to inspire, motivate and empower women, celebrate their successes and to prove it can be done, leaving others striving to be the best they can be.


This year’s theme is centered around ‘The Year Of Inspiration”, which stems from the number of hard-working women who have emerged on to the scene. ELOY believes these extraordinary exquisite women are showing other women that it can be done gracefully too.



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