Dressing On A Budget?!


Dressing On A Budget?!

Whoever said you need to spend money to look fashionable never ever visited a proper thrift store. not the type to have you bending over and selecting.

If you are tight on spending does not mean you have to compromise on fashion fonts, provided you know what smart shopping is all about.


Even you can become a budget fashionista, provided you follow these 5 customs regarding dressing economically.


1. Raid your Closet. Ladies, you need to raid your wardrobe ‘cos you might eventually forget that you purchased something or probably got gifted the last Christmas.  Ransack your wardrobe and surprise yourself with items that had missed out from your mind.


2.  How about going Vintage?  vintage is again a tricky thing to handle. Only deal with it if you are confident pulling it off.  The vintage feel is quite a rage these days and is perfect for your DIY fashion projects too.

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3. Do not Ever Miss the Sales. If you’re serious about spending reasonably then never miss any sale whether it’s online or your favorite fashion store. Great finds can sometimes take a huge hit on your wallet. So keep your eyes wide open to make the most out of the sales, especially the seasonal sales. You may be lucky enough to grab something great at the cheapest rate possible.




4. Don’t Stop Window Shopping: Whenever you’re visiting malls or shopping arcade say to watch a movie or something, make sure you check-out the stores as well. The window shopping is helpful in increasing your fashion quotient. Even though there is no specific occasion or season change, some outlets offer some discounts as a part of their marketing strategies. You can benefit from such offers too, especially if you’re on a budget.




5. Invest in Statement Pieces. You may not be wearing a D&G dress, but a statement item say a watch or a bag can instantly jazz up your look, dragging every onlooker’s attention to your investment, and the best part, no one would suspect you’re actually on a budget.

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