Do Your Ties Right


Do Your Ties Right

So ties are a wardrobe staple for guys, yes? yes. So if you are going to have make use of it for a long time depending on when the tie starts to look worn out of from overuse or improper care, you need to do your ties right, read through to find out how;

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  • Always Unknot: We understand it is better to keep it knotted to save time and all of that, but to keep your tie going for long, unknot after use.
  • Cleaning: Like socks and pocket squares, ties deserve to be washed gently, so if you are not doing your laundry at home, ensure to let them know at the laundry place.
  • Remove Accessories: Like clips, brooches and all, should be avoided being left on so as not to tear, stress and ruin tie.
  • Storage: Rolling ties are a NO! get a tie rack.
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