Ditch or Keep


Ditch or Keep

Shoes can go in and out of the trend zone in the blink of an eye, and wearing an “out” pair can instantly make your entire look feel dated. Accordingly, we came to the conclusion that there are styles in particular that no longer have a place in your wardrobe in 2017 and that we don’t think will be back in anytime soon. On the bright side, we have alternate styles that either lean more classic or are current trends that have proven their staying power. Ready to improve your style via your shoe collection?

DITCH: Wedge-Heel Boots
KEEP: Block-Heel Boots

Block heels are equally walkable as wedge heels but look much more polished and forward than wedges ever did.


DITCH: Platform Pumps
KEEP: Pointed-Toe Single-Sole Pumps

While pumps will always be classic go-to when seeking polished shoes, the thick platform pumps that everyone used to teeter around in are gone for good. Don’t look back.

DITCH: Gladiator Sandals
KEEP: Naked Sandals

Gladiator sandals had their moment in the sun, but the complicated, typically unflattering style has since been replaced by something refreshingly simpler: the celebrity-approved naked sandals.

Estro Leather & PVC Ankle-Wrap Sandal

DITCH: Dirty, Damaged Shoes
KEEP: Well-Made Classics

If a pair of shoes is damaged beyond repair or isn’t worth the money or hassle required to get it repaired, ditch it and invest in quality shoes that will last and become wardrobe staples.




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