Going goth stems from an inherent desire to be just a little bit or a lot bad. It’s about a post-punk tendency to go against the grain. Weddings demand elements of femininity and supposedly, lots of bridal white but the willingness to rebel paired with an ample dose of dark romance rather than angst can make your aisle look all the more enticing. Opt for sheer fabrics, touches of your favorite color (read: black) and authentically Gothic details like bound waists, high collars, velvet and chokers to achieve a look that stylishly pushes back on the status quo. The result: Undeniable femininity, alluring sex appeal and romantic sensibility that suits the most non-conformist of brides. Get inspired


Warm flesh tones add subtle sensuality to a look, and avoid an overtly ‘bridal’ feel. Extra points given for infusing touches of black or anything inherently dark–like a (diamond encrusted) velvet choker or specimen inspired embroidery.

Add a touch underneath, or don it head to toe. The hue that skews both classic and bad girl adds edge, no matter the dose.

Let all the things you love about dressing for evening apply for the aisle case in point: opting for the most jaw dropping jewels, despite the traditions that a bride wear diamonds or pearls to complement an alabaster ensemble. Break with convention; emeralds for the aisle are ingenious.

If you opt for a look that exudes innocence, punctuate it with daring hints of your seductive style. Gowns that fasten from the front and allow you to adjust how much you bare transition quickly from matrimonial madonna to bridal badass.

Traditionalists with an edge don’t need to look far for pieces that suit their flare for the unconventional. Seek out options that challenge in their silhouette–be it a collar with a medieval feel or a sexy cutaway sheath–rather than in their color way. Be that bride

Hints of the era that started it all are the fast track to reviving this look with equal amounts of authenticity and modernity. Keep in mind that themes can skew costume–taking this or any look to the next level is encouraged, but avoid going overboard with too many references to times past.

Yes, you can wear black. Or white. Or black and white. Wear whatever color you like and feel comfortable with the notion that you may want to break all the rules–or none at all.

Texture-play–regardless of the size or scale–is welcome, and immediately evokes a luxe feel. Details like a ribbon-bound waist or sleeves that softly cascade over hands hint at a sensuality that lies beneath.

Sheer insets and cut-outs are playful, subtly sexy and add lightness to the heft of a full-length gown–while showing off your killer frame.

Blush has too often been aligned with girly proficiencies, but with a dusty patina–and a sheer bodice, black velvet bows and gunmetal encrusted embroidery–it leaves a darker mark.

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