Dapper in white


Dapper in white

How To Rock A white suit.
 Rocking a white suit is way more easy than it seems,.

Firstly,  you need to have in mind the kind of event you would be wearing your dapper white to before you can decide on the type of suit you would love to rock,as they are various types of white suit to wear for various red carpet events and social dinners .

Secondly,  you need to be aware of the type of accessories to blend in with your white suit,it could be your wrist watch , rings, hand-beads, etc.  After having in mind the kind accessories to blend in with your white ,then the selection begins..

You should know that white suits appear to be more pronounced in a dark skinned male ,so we will advice you do white shirt to go and a black pair of trouser, if its a social dinner and white pair of trouser if it is red carpet event in other to appear brighter on camera ,then off-course a black pair of leather shoes will blend well on both a black or white trousers , depending on the event a black leather wrist watch will go as it will be noticed by all complimenting your white suit,  and do not forget to use good black leather belt to go .And yes you are good to go.

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