Daddies in Onesies: Male Pyjama Fad


Daddies in Onesies: Male Pyjama Fad

Daddies in Onesies: Male Pyjama Fad

This trend is almost certainly yawn inducing, but in all the best ways. What’s not to love about a terrific pair of jammies? Contrary to popular conviction, there are perfectly reputable ways to reconcile romper preferences in our everyday outfits.



You don’ think you can pull of this comfy vogue? How about a loose fitting chambray shirt or a striped linen for a modest incorporation of this look. A nudge, a smile and a knowing wink are all you need to pull it off with poise; and a little sense of humor added to the mix.

All colors and prints blend effortlessly, oft times the bolder. Evening colors are advisable too. Stripes are chic and totally in style.

Well, if you’re working a more androgynous look, keeping everything loose is desirable, teaming with a tailored fleece or a jacket.

For this next level of comfort, Silk over Cotton Onesies would be a better choice – bearing in mind its sleekness, polished appearance an is ultimately more forgiving.

Still though, with this understated craze steady on the climb, its enduring appeal has begun to make a modicum of sense.

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