Cropped Pants: Does Size Matter


Cropped Pants: Does Size Matter

Cropped Pants: Does Size Matter

Season after season, the cropped trousers frenzy has continued to ascend, and as for this season, one thing is for sure; pants have gotten wider. But the question lingers: How wide have they gotten?

After decades of skinny silhouettes, the ‘Bongo’ slacks are back and looks fresher, more unique and is pretty stylish and more appealing. Opinions have been split as to whether this fad is here to stay and if its more preferable to the straight cut knickers.

Does it work for everyone? Can it be an everyday outfit? Whats the right length? Should this look be attempted? As to how this trend can be pulled off without much blunder, the not-so-secret would be to pair the look with the proper outfit, the  length should suit the wearer’s body shape too.


DO’s:  You can crop above the ankle with socks  for a slightly more formal and less audacious appearance

Or without socks provided this look is kept simple, with tasteless loafers or even lo-fi sneakers for a more casual effect.

DON’Ts: Cropped pants aren’t favorable for the vertically challenged, or those who have beefy legs.  An alternative would be to ensure the khakis are atleast at a halfbreak and slightly tapered towards the hem.

So, does size really matter? Well, even if you prefer to wear your slacks with or without socks; that flash of ankle is sure to keep your appearance modern-day, with regard to this trend.

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