Contemporary Hoodie Fashion


Contemporary Hoodie Fashion

Contemporary Hoodie Fashion

RIP to the sweatshirt. The hoodie is enjoying the style spotlight right now. Introduce the hooded pullover to your casual wardrobe and step outside the basic black or grey comfort zone. No man’s wardrobe would be complete without a hooded pullover.  As a street style classic, the pullover is the ultimate combination between style and comfort.

Hoodies are some of the most versatile outerwear available for men. This means that they come in a myriad of colors and styles, all of which work in their own way, complementing your whole style. However, if you’re trying to wear a truly classic pullover style, then a grey hooded pullover is always your best choice.


If you want a pullover that is just as classic and versatile as a grey one, then a black colored one is for you. As with any black clothes, a black hoodie is a great way to make any outfit instantly more stylish. Mix with a pair of black jogger bottoms or jeans for a perfect sports luxe look.  Add some colorful detail, and to stop the outfit from becoming too dark, throw on a pair of blue or grey sneakers.

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Layering is key to dressing up in a hooded pullover, so try to opt for one with thinner material, so you don’t end up being so hot, under too many thick layers.

Whether you decide to mix up your style and layer up with just a jacket and skinny jeans or tone it down with a more casual plain hood and ripped jeans combo, you can make a real statement, but whatever you choose to pair your hoodie with ultimately shapes the look you’ll achieve.

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