Comfy Summer Shorts You Need Now


Comfy Summer Shorts You Need Now

Comfy Summer Shorts You Need Now

The best way to take it easy and stay stylish all summer long is by picking clothes that are lightweight and nonrestrictive, but still look put-together. First up on our list: drawstring shorts. Although they feel like sweatpants, they feel nothing like it, especially when paired the right way.

Pair your Comfy Summer Shorts with everything from tees and sneakers to a lightweight jacket and a pair of espadrilles for that louche vacation vibe.

Brunello Cucinelli linen drawstring shorts: Linen is the mother of all warm-weather fabrics.

Moncler Denim Effect track breeches; The most refined way to indulge in comfy summer shorts.

Urban Outfitters katin patio khakis, the muted color of these patio pants will look great contrasted with a bright white t shirt.

Uniqlo easy shorts; Not big on the drawstring look but still love the comfort?

Lacoste taffeta drawstring tennis shorts; wear these to play sports- or to watch them.

Comfy Summer Shorts

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