Classy Mature Looks Must Haves !


Classy Mature Looks Must Haves !

From blazers to block heels, red lipstick to classic button downs blouses, when it comes to looking mature and put together, it’s all about playing with different elements until they give off a air of confidence and sophistication. Because after all, maturity is all about being  Check out these clothes and accessories that will instantly make you look more mature, but not boring.

1. Blazer


A good blazer can go a long way to making you look a lot more mature than you usually do. You can pair one with a nice blouse and nice pants to really go full chic, or you can tone it down and pair a blazer with jeans and your favorite band shirt and still look really put together. They’re magical, basically.


2. Turtleneck

ASOS, $23

If you don’t have at least one black turtleneck in your wardrobe, change that ASAP. Turtlenecks not only look great paired with everything from jeans, to skirts, to layered under dresses, they also look really grown without being boring. You could be wearing a pair of high waist booty shorts and still look sophisticated if you throw in a turtleneck, I swear.


3. Glasses

Urban Outfitters, $18 There’s a reason why people wear glasses when they want to look smart. Glasses don’t just give off an illusion of intellect, they can also scream maturity too. Why? I’m not really sure, but don’t be apprehensive to play around with ’em, whether you need them or not.


4. Block Heel Shoes

Bonadrag, $325

If you think that you stilettos or crazy wedges scream maturity, guess again. You don’t have to go that route, sis. Instead, opt for a simple block heel. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a dress, block heels will always look really elegant and fresh without being too fancy.


5. Collared Blouse

Offbeatorbit @ Instagram

A collared blouse will get you so far when it comes to giving your outfit a touch of maturity. And no, not just a white collared button down blouse (though those are nice to have on hand). Play around with color, fabrics, and cut. Before you know it, you’ll collect enough to easily pair with more casual pieces and create a look that’s half chill, half chic. That’s me wearing my favorite purple collared blouse; I copped it second-hand, which is honestly the best way to cop fun collared blouses.


6. High Waist Trousers

Uniqlo, $39

A solid pair of high waist trousers that end around the ankle and let your thighs and calves breathe? Yeah, that should be a staple in your wardrobe. Don’t get intimidated by them an assume that they’re uncomfortable pants some mom wears to a corporate job. They’re not! They’re just…comfy pants that look nice, a great medium between dress pants and sweats. Pair with a nice blouse and block heels are you’re set. (Psst, I swear by the pants above and own two pairs in black and pinkish brown; it’s hard not to wear ’em every day).


7. Fit ‘N Flare Dresses And Skirts

ASOS, $35

Fit and flare style dresses and skirts look amazing on everyone, and they also look a lot more put together than a shapeless shift dress does. Whether you’re rocking a casual midi skirt or a formal dress, this silhouette will always make you look a little more mature than usual.


8. Oxfords/Loafers

Urban Outfitters, $89.99

Loafers and oxfords can even dress up almost every look, even if you’re just rocking a mini skirt and a crop top. They’re refined and hark back to uniforms of yesteryear, so they have an inherently classic feel. Pair with socks for a little more playfulness.


9. Co-Ords

ASOS, $135

Co-ords are great because by default they look like you actually took the time to match your outfit, even if you just rolled out of bed. For an extra layer of ~chic~, opt for structured co-ords as opposed to loose, drape-like styles.


10. Statement Rings

ASOS, $11.50

Forget those minimalist knuckle rings, if you want to go for a bold, mature look, aim for some hulking stone rings. There’s just something about them that screams worldly and confident. Maybe it’s because they’re the kind of rings that your hippie grandma would wear.


11. Pencil Skirts

Zara, $35.90

Pencil skirts are basically lightly tapered mini skirts, and while they can be a little awkward, they’re great for looking sophisticated with virtually no effort. Just tuck in a blouse and you’re set.



12. Red Lipstick

Narsissist @ Instagram

When in doubt, hit ’em with the red lip. Whether you’re going for a fire engine red or an oxblood red, there’s something about a red lip that instantly makes you look a little more grown up. Trust me, don’t delude yourself into thinking you’ll look more mature with a full face of makeup. It’s not that deep.

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