Choose The Right Heels For The Season


Choose The Right Heels For The Season

Choose The Right Heels For The Season

As every fashionista knows, there is no fashion item that can transform an outfit  from laid back to formal like shoes can. For extra class and sophistication, trust high heels to come to your rescue. However, one fact that cannot be over looked is knowing the right heel to wear especially during this holiday season where we would have tons of events to attend. While it’s doubtlessly true that a high heel will not be as comfortable as an orthopedic running shoe, it is also very possible that the reason why your feet hurt after you wear high heels for long is that you are simply wearing the wrong heel height.

1 . The 1.5 inch heel: This height is actually quite healthy for many people. It gives a bit of a lift, and arch support, without throwing you off balance. This kitten heel is also super cute and feminine, especially when paired with a retro hourglass silhouette. Some low heel designs look like weaker versions of high heel so look for the ones with straps.

2 . The 2.5 inch heel: This height is perfect for giving you a boost both in height and confidence, and it’s a bit more impressive than a low heel. Also known as a midi heel, this height looks great in a peep toe, a cone heel, or a slingback strap. These heels will not be out of place in the office, or at a more casual party.

3 . The 3.5 inch heel: At this height, they are perfect for every occasion, from the office to the fanciest of galas. If this is your ideal height, you are in luck, because you can look summery and casual in a wedge, or fiercely elegant in a pump.

4 . The 4.5 inch heel: At this heel height, you can opt for femme fatale point-toe shoes (just make sure your toes have enough wiggle room), or something more cheeky like a peep-toe. However, avoid mules or any other shoe design that won’t support your ankles and in-step. 

5 . The 5 inch and above: At this height and higher, these shoes should be avoided. Shoes this high will put anyone’s feet into an unnatural angle that will throw you completely off balance, and could damage your toes, joints, and foot tendons.


Healthiest Heel Heights: Giuseppe Zanotti 5-Inch Heels





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