Charmed! Your Must Have Choker Charms

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Charmed! Your Must Have Choker Charms

Charmed! Your Must Have Choker Charms

by Monjola Adeboye

Chokers. The most trendy accessory of 2016. We thought for sure that this year, we would see an end to the trend, but it seems we were mistaken. The choker trend has followed us into the new season and it has unpacked it’s bags and is more than ready to stay. This season, the chokers you have to have are charm chokers. We don’t mean with chokers with just one element like we saw all through the last year, instead we’re talking about chokers that have one, two, three, even up to six elements round the collar.

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The thing with this season is we’re seeing charms we haven’t seen before, a lot of which include astronomical themes. Everyone is reaching for the stars it seems. Well we’re all for it!

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Chokers can be worn with just about anything, but try not to let your choker clash with your outfit. Pair everything together so they go smoothly.

So why not go out, get your multi charmed necklace and slay all day.



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