Bring Out The Trash Bins! What NOT to Wear This Spring


Bring Out The Trash Bins! What NOT to Wear This Spring

Bring Out The Trash Bins! What NOT to Wear This Spring

by Monjola Adeboye.

It’s a whole new season, so guess what that means? A whole new wardrobe! Lucky for you, we’re here to tell you what not to wear this spring. Last year there were some trends that we just could not escape, but this is a time for new beginnings, so get ready to say sayonara to last years designs and a big fat hello to what’s in this season.

  • Chokers

2016 was the year of the choker. Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how much you liked the trend), there’s no room for the choker this new season. So take a deep breath and put the black string back into the jewelry box and allow your neck to (finally) rest.

black girl choker


  • Flares

We saw a lot of flares last season, but this season, that trend is dead and buried. What’s in right now is cropped flares. Your jeans no longer have to sweep the floor as your walk, so feel free to grab a pair of scissors and DIY yourself some cropped flares!




  • Lace tops

Lace tops are no longer the huge hit that they were last year. Designers are leaving them out of their collections this season as opposed to how they were seen all over the runway last season. It was a great look but it’s run it’s due course. Time to tie the laces up (pun intended).



  • Off Shoulder Tops

Take off the off shoulders, because Spring is around the corner and this trend is not coming with it. What’s new in fashion is the cold shoulder, which mostly involves leaving one shoulder bare.


  • The Slip Dress

it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing it over a T shirt, alone or with a fifty million naira jacket. This look is totally played out. Slip the slip back into your underwear drawer and go shopping for some real clothes for spring.rihanna slip dress

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