Back to Basics; Fashionable Aso Ebi Trends

aso ebi

Back to Basics; Fashionable Aso Ebi Trends

Back to Basics; Fashionable Aso Ebi Trends

One thing we know for sure, Aso Ebi is one trend that will never die in the world of Nigerian fashion. The only changing thing is the various styles that people somehow come up with. Just when you think the styles have been completely played out, you see new ones at different Owambes that you may attend. Nigerian women are the queens of Owambe, and that title doesn’t end within the borders. Oh no, we’ve taken our trends all the way outside the borders of Nigeria and the Aso Ebi frenzy doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Here are a few of our faves;

aso ebi umbrella sleeves

We’re absolutely in love with this outfit. The turban, the figure hugging dress, the umbrella sleeves, the fringe on the end! Everything has us shouting yes yes yes slay mama! This is a gorgeous outfit. It has several elements, yet at the same time is simple and classy. The blue colour looks amazing on her dark skin and we couldn’t have asked for more. For dark skinned people, try to gravitate towards colours like yellow, orange, or blue. Colours that will make your skin pop. Our favourite details are the umbrella sleeves. This is a trend that’s hot this season so be sure to elegantly add them to your very own designs. Emphasis on elegantly.

aso ebi


This is a more modern take on the Aso Ebi. Ideal for the younger generations. The halter top and the fitted pencil skirt is perfect for slimmer women. It accentuates their shape perfectly and look gorgeous when paired with simple shoes and statement pieces of jewelry.

asoebi ii

Three gorgeous ladies dressed in Aso Ebi. These styles can be copied by anyone and are appropriate for any age range. The off shoulder, the cold shoulder, and the one handed styles are giving us life. The exquisite lace and beading is something we all know we’re dying to try out. The ladies paired their outfits with perfectly tied geles and simple makeup. With an outfit as elegantly elaborate as this, you do not want to overpower the look with too much makeup or too many accessories.

asoebi fringe

asoe ebi fringe

Fringe, fringe and more fringe! We can’t get over how fringe is being incorporated into everything Aso Ebi these days. From being something that was more Western than African, Nigerians have found a way to beautifully incorporate it into our traditional wears and we truly can’t get enough of it *Insert heart eyes emoji*.  Fringe with Aso Ebi is a trend that we absolutely can’t wait to jump on.

aso ebi cold shulder

The cold shoulder trend is another one we absolutely cannot get over. The cold shoulder has taken over the off shoulder for the 2017 Spring/Summer, and while we will miss it, we can’t say we’re too upset.

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