Anklets; How To Wear Them

Anklets; How To Wear Them

Anklets; How To Wear Them

They have been worn by Egyptian women in ancient times, and are an important piece of jewellery in Indian marriages worn along with saris, but in other parts of the world anklets they are worn predominantly by women as a fashion piece while in western popular culture both younger men and women may wear a casual leather anklet.

General rules to wearing anklets

  1. Always make sure your feet are nicely groomed, and your toe nails perfectly pedicured with your preferred shade of nail polish.
  2. Don’t wear an anklet if you’re heading to the gym or work place, especially if you work in a corporate environment, this could violate the dress code etiquette.
  3.  If your ankles are thin and delicate, a medium sized one with lots of charms on it is your best choice. if you have larger ankles, then a thin chain is your go to.
  4. They should be worn with a mini skirt or mini dress, with casual shorts, or leggings or else with cuffed jeans – in a nutshell, with anything casual that bares the ankle zone of your foot.


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