Ankara In Modern Fashion

ankara halter..

Ankara In Modern Fashion

Ankara In Modern Fashion

by Monjola Adeboye

 For we Nigerians, it seems ankara is always and forever going to be a fashion trend. It’s a part of our national identity, so what else do you expect? What’s amazing though, is that lately, ankara is being incorporated into everything. Previously, we saw this as something only our parents and their friends wore, the wrappers, bulky dresses and such, but we are so so so glad to see that ankara is being brought into more modern things. Even international designers have recently started incorporating our fabrics and patterns into their collections, which we don’t know how we feel about considering they aren’t giving us our due recognition. But it’s all good in the hood.

Here’s some more modern outfits you can use your fabric to make;

ankara dress

The Dress

Simple, easy to wear and appropriate for all ages. You can never go wrong when paired with some nice heels and statement earrings.


The halter top

This is one of the easiest and most popular ways in which ankara is transformed these days. Pair with a pair of trousers or a skirt. Classy heels are always appreciated with this look.

ankara pants

Ankara pants

We can’t get enough of this look. With a plain and neutral top, this is a LOOK.

ankara shoes

Ankara Shoes

That’s right, even accessories aren’t escaping from the modern ankara takeover. We have ankara shoes as well. This look is always hot in the Nigerian fashion world and goes well with anything. Be careful not to pair with clashing patterns though!


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