#AFWN15: Tolu Adeosun of Hemera Makes Top List At The AFWN 2015!


#AFWN15: Tolu Adeosun of Hemera Makes Top List At The AFWN 2015!

Complete Fashion magazine in partnership with Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, brings to you a close-up with the prolific and gifted designers who will be showcasing their fabulous designs on the catwalk on May 23rd and 24th at the Eko Marquee and Eko hotel Lagos.

Tolu Adeosun of ‘Hemera’ sits with Complete Fashion magazine for a chat on the most anticipated fashion show of 2015!

What style did you apply for your collection for the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria?
Seeing as it is the African Fashion Week, first instinct was to work with prints. Not necessarily the popular ankara fabric. But modern prints mixed with the locally made adire( hand dyed prints) in chiffon and silk. I was going for a versatile, laid back  and wearable collection, simple cuts from beautiful prints and vibrant colours. And for the menswear I was focused on the brands “vintage inspired” signature print shirts.

What are the colours and fabrics you chose for the collection? 

Fabrics used range from cotton, silk, chiffon,etc I had to consider the weather and work with fabrics that are friendly for the weather . For colours, i worked with orange,blue, green and cream. Most of these colours are infused in stripe prints and adire prints.

What were the challenges of designing your collection and what did you do to overcome the obstacles?

Honestly, at first it was coming up with a theme for the collection and how to infuse this into my designs.  I had so many ideas popping into my head it was difficult just sticking to one. To overcome the obstacles I basically consulted fashion inclined people for their thoughts . And  I am happy with the decision I stuck with and so excited to share the full collection.
Who are the designers that inspire you and why?

I am inspired by brands like Virgos lounge,  they have been able to build a brand well know around the world with its distinctive feature for embellishments. For instance, seeing a Virgos lounge dress and not having to be told it is one. I am also a big fan of Lisa Folawiyo, I love the way she manipulates the African prints. Her designs always stand out.

What do you like and dislike about the fashion industry?
I love the fact that  Nigerians are buying Nigerian made clothes, I love the excitement of the fashion  industry in general  and how there is always something new and exciting going on. I love the creativity expressed by the fashion world.  I would say I dislike  the fact that production isn’t as efficient as it could be. Poor power supply isn’t helping either.
AFWN is in its second season, how excited are you to be a part of it?

Am super excited, this will be Hemera’s first runway showcase. So its pretty exciting to be part of the platform as the brand gets the opportunity to showcase the collection to a large audience. So I’m counting down and looking forward to it.

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