#AFWN15: Meet YETTY OGUNNUBI, Creative Designer & Head PR & Marketing AFRICA FASHION WEEK NIGERIA!


#AFWN15: Meet YETTY OGUNNUBI, Creative Designer & Head PR & Marketing AFRICA FASHION WEEK NIGERIA!

Complete Fashion magazine in partnership with Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, brings to you a close-up with the prolific and gifted designers who will be showcasing their fabulous designs on the catwalk on May 23rd and 24th at the Eko Marquee and Eko hotel Lagos.

Yetty Ogunnubi is the head of PR and Marketing, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria and creative designer of fashion brand, ‘Yetty D’. She exclusively gives Complete Fashion an insight to what to expect from her capsule collection at fashion week.

What style did you apply for your collection for the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria?

For AFWN 2015 the style I’m applying is retro meets modern meets urban. I’m a big fan of retro and shapes and colours, so you will definitely be seeing this in my collection.

What are the colours and fabrics you chose for the collection? Are the colours of the year 2015, part of this collection?

My Fabrics are from DaViva as I am Collaborating with them to create the collection. I have chosen bright colours and flowery patterns for Yetty D’s Capsule Collection.


What were the challenges of designing your collection and what did you do to overcome the obstacles?

My Challenges is purely having the time to create the collection as I’m part of the AFWN team as well.

Who are the designers that inspire you and why?

I’m inspired by the likes of Moschino, Vivienne Westwood, Levis twisted with Artist Justin Bua.

What do you like and dislike about the fashion industry?

I dislike copy cats, when designers are not creative enough with their designs and steal other peoples idea from tip to toe. I like the versatility in fashion industry.

AFWN is in its second season, how excited are you to be a part of it?

I’m excited to be part of it in so many ways than one, being part of the team and working behind the scene as well as now showcasing my first capsule collection in Nigeria. I simply can’t wait.





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