#AFWN15: Nigeria! Get Ready For ‘KING HAKBAL’!


#AFWN15: Nigeria! Get Ready For ‘KING HAKBAL’!

Complete Fashion magazine in partnership with Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, brings to you a close-up with the prolific and gifted designers who will be showcasing their fabulous designs on the catwalk on May 23rd and 24th at the Eko Marquee and Eko hotel Lagos.
King Hakbal is Big and his designs will grace the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria runway this month. Are you ready for it? Here are snippets of what to expect from the talented designer!
What style did you apply for your collection for the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria?
Dapper royal suits and tuxedos.
What are the colours and fabrics you chose for the collection? Are the colours of the year 2015, part of this collection?
Navy blue,white and black,army green,caramel,chocolate brown–All these colors are all in Swiss wool fabrics and cashmere and yes these are ever green colors for every man of style.
What were the challenges of designing your collection and what did you do to overcome the obstacles?
The same challenge that every Nigerian company goes through …’Power’ in other words electricity…To overcome it…You’ll need a solid diesel generator and enough diesel to power it…God bless my country.
Who are the designers that inspire you and why?
Tom ford,Ralph Lauren and Ozwald Boateng — These 3 kings inspire me a lot…Tom ford because of the way he cuts his Blazers,Ralph Lauren because of his ever green style and Ozwald Boateng because he broke forth out of our beloved continent ‘Africa’ and he is doing so well.
What do you like and dislike about the fashion industry?
I like everything about the fashion industry…it’s home for me…I pray we keep getting better at it because fashion is life…it simply brings out the true beauty in everybody.
AFWN is in its second season, how excited are you to be a part of it?
Super excited because I am about to murder the runway…I can’t wait for that moment at all…The adrenaline rush is epic…Lol.


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