’90s Alert: How to Wear Velvet This Fall

how to wear velvet this fall

’90s Alert: How to Wear Velvet This Fall

’90s Alert: How to Wear Velvet This Fall

It’s been a few years since you rocked that purple crushed-velvet body fitting minidress. (About 20 years, to be exact.) But like any good fashion classic, velvet has found its way back into style. We took to Pinterest to find some modern ways to wear the plush fabric during the fall season especially.

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Take a chunky heel, a pointed toe and a rich jewel tone, and you’ve got the trendiest shoe of the season. Pair it with light denim so the rich color steals the show.

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If you even remotely read through, you know we’re suckers for a monochromatic outfit. And velvet plays perfectly into that since it provides such a textural contrast to an otherwise basic solid dress.

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We’d be remiss if we didn’t include velvet’s truest form: the cocktail dress. But don’t feel like you have to wait for the holidays to bust one out. Dress one down with an edgy belt and you can debut it at any number of parties once the leaves start to change.

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This year, even casual occasions are getting a little love from the cozy fabric. All you have to do is find a frock in a loose cut and accessorize it with your favorite sneaks.

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Why not wear said cocktail dress during the day? Ankle boots (and maybe a jean jacket) will make it far more appropriate for afternoon outings.

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If your personal style tends to be more preppy, try a soft topper instead. It’ll be your skinny jeans’ new best friend.


And for the adventurous at heart: the wide-legged pant (also known as the secret pajama). Let it be the focal point and keep all other pieces low-key. A black tee and minimal slippers should do.

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