7 Style Rules for Looking Your Best at Every Holiday Party

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7 Style Rules for Looking Your Best at Every Holiday Party

7 Style Rules for Looking Your Best at Every Holiday Party

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Invest In A Great Evening Bag. You’ll Have It Forever.

Choose one in a standout color—it will add pop to neutral outfits and brights alike.
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Yes, You Can Wear Flats After Dark—And They Can Be Just As Special As Heels

Choose embellished styles or jewel tones for a dressy look that lets you stay on the dance floor longer.
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Collect Pieces That Do Double Duty

Look for accessories that go from day to night, like a purse upgraded with a sparkly pin.
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Your Evening Watch Can Be As Pretty As Jewelry

Whether you layer it with bracelets or wear it solo, a hidden watch face guarantees you won’t be tardy for the party.
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Faux Fur Adds Luxury to Any Outfit

While we never condone wearing real fur, we’ll happily go faux. Try a glamorous muffler, like the super-plush one here, or a vest or a jacket for full-on glitz.
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Don’t Underestimate The Power of A Statement Skirt

Even a black turtleneck is ready for merrymaking when paired with one of these festive skirts.
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Make A Day-to-Night Jacket Your Wardrobe MVP

Whether you choose a metallic tweed, a jewel-tone velvet or a boldly embellished leather moto style, a versatile jacket can take you just about anywhere—including that holiday gathering with the unhelpful “festive chic” dress code.
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