6 Year-Round Summer-Based Pieces


6 Year-Round Summer-Based Pieces

6 Year-Round Summer-Based Pieces

New season, new wardrobe. Right? Well, not necessarily. Although the change of attire is usually dependent on the weather, this year, it’s still almost t-shirt weather.

To help you navigate the shifting seasons without spending a fortune on new pieces you don’t need, here is a selection of Summer-Based pieces you can wear year-round. Don’t pack them away just yet.


The idea that all fashion is seasonal is one big fat fiddle. Take T-SHIRTS for example; despite being intrinsically linked with warmer seasons, it can still be worn as a base layer, come rain come shine.


You can make this Summer-Based look work is by using high contrast color combinations, so a bright red tee under a rust-colored coat, for example, or a yellow design to liven up a navy shirt.



Polo Shirt
Summer’s smart-casual staple looks every bit as sharp even after the season is over. Lightweight, breathable and not as airily thin as a T-shirt, a polo shirt is a top seed player in your transitional line-up.


Polos don’t look as good with fabrics in a flat finish such worsteds or mohairs, which are more businesslike, so go for a jacket made in a fabric with texture.



Cropped Trousers
Just because mankles are given the cold shoulder at this time of year, it doesn’t mean your hemlines have to follow suit. Just be sure to put on some socks.





Denim Jacket
If street-style has taught us anything, it’s that a denim jacket isn’t just an outer layer – it’s a bonafide wardrobe workhorse. Sure, you can throw it on over a T-shirt or shirt, but this widely known Summer-Based piece is so much more: it’s the mid-layer that offers a textural contrast, or the extra outer layer that dials up the heat.

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Just remember to keep color coordination in mind: a classic blue jean jacket pops against black and camel outerwear, but a black one won’t.



A Breton Top
Timeless and versatile, the Breton top’s simplicity makes it virtually seasonless.


Go low-key with a Breton top, chinos or cords and clean trainers, or take a smarter tack by teaming with a wool blazer, trousers, and smart shoes.



Public service announcement: there’s nothing seasonal about UV damage. Sun-drenched days have become a norm for us in this part of the world, so, a quality pair of sunglasses won’t just protect your corneas, they’ll delay those crow’s feet too – forming a barrier between your skin and signs of premature aging. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, they’re pretty cool. Just don’t wear them indoors.

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