5 ways to style like Drake

5 ways to style like Drake

5 ways to style like Drake

Canadian Rapper and hip hop mogul Aubrey Drake Graham popularly called Drake, is known for his traditional rapper style clothing mixed with contemporary minimalist adornments.

Below we have outlined 5 ways to get yourself looking like the singer, producer, actor, rapper, songwriter and altogether entertainment dynamo that is Drake.

  1. Timberland Boots;timberland boots timberland boots1 The ubiquitous staple of every rapper; Mr. Aubrey still goes around in his comfortable Timberland boots. traditional isn’t all so bad.
  2. Regular T-shirts;tshirts tshirt Mr. Aubrey is always seen out with a basic t-shirt or maybe one showing his stance on an issue.
  3. Varsity Jackets;varsity1 varsity3 He shows us that you do not need a 2:1 degree to sport a stylish varsity jacket.
  4. Air Jordans;air jordans1 air jordans Staying true to his African American origins, the rapper dorns one of the famous air jordans whenever he visits sport events and even on stage.
  5. Hoodies; You’re going to want to layer a lot with this wardrobe staple and when the stardom gets to much too handle, pop your hood and get away from the paparazzi.

Aubrey Graham is a stylish minimalist king on a normal day out, though he doesn’t hesitate to bring out the dapper side of himself on a red carpet. His key to style is comfort and wearability.

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