5 Tips To Look Stylish With No Money

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5 Tips To Look Stylish With No Money

5 Tips To Look Stylish With No Money

No money…

This is the #1 objection I get from men when I ask what is holding them back.

It’s a myth. 

You don’t have to be rich to dress sharp.

You just need the desire.

If you want it, you will find a way to get it.

It’s really that simple.

The majority of men are on budgets.

As such some guys are using that as an excuse to not buy the items they need to become a man of style.

Being a stylish gentleman has very little to do with the amount of money in your bank account.

Now don’t get me wrong, being more financially secure does make it easier. But there are ways to become and remain stylish without having a lot of money.


#1 Stop Buying Clothing You’re Never Going To Wear

This may seem like a no brainier but it needs to be said. Don’t let the sale lure you into purchasing something just because it’s at a deep discount.  It may not be as expensive as full price but it’s a waste of money nonetheless.  Buying pieces that you’re not going wear is just not a wise decision. Instead of waiting for money, do the following:

  • Save money – find places in your budget that can cut costs so that you can purchase the quality items that your wardrobe needs. Saving money is always a good practice that will benefit you beyond purchasing clothes.
  • Buy pieces that are interchageable – Begin with a suit (jacket & pants made of same fabric) and a classic shoe such as a blucher or an oxford. These classic pieces can be the foundation of your wardrobe and other pieces can be built around them. Buying less costly items such as pocket squares and neckties will change the look of the suit every time you wear it.

Interchangeable Wardrobe 2


  • Build core outfits – This goes along with interchangeable pieces. A core outfit is something that can be worn many different ways. Casual outfits are easy to do this with. Start with a blazer, jeans, and some casual brogues or loafers.Removing the blazer creates a different look.Changing the shirt from a collared oxford to a v-neck t-shirt switches the look again. The interchangeable pieces that are purchased should be used to build core outfits. Think of each core outfit as 3 in 1. If you can make your one outfit into 3 different ones with minimal changes, then you’ve achieved interchangeability and build a core outfit.



#2 Stop Paying Full Price For Clothes

Don’t let the clearance rack trick you into buying something just because it’s at a deep discount. If you find a great quality suit but it’s outside of your budget, wait for the sale.

Shopping for a sale takes time. So have some patience.  There is a technique that is called stacking sales. This requires you to pay attention to stores’ sales and shop multiple sales at a time. This will allow you to build your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost. Below are a few ways to find out when your favorite store has sales along with other money saving tips.

  • Sign up for the email distribution list – This can be done by visiting the website of stores and brand and submitting your email in their subscribe section.
  • Sign up for rewards programs – many stores have rewards programs that give discounts to members of the program. This is a great option because stores and brands because notify you via email and some via text.
  • Make a relationship with the sales persons or stylist – When you go shop, tell the sales person what you are looking for and exchange information. This way they can hold pieces that you are looking for and contact you to let you know it’s available in your price range.
  • Shop At The End Of Seasons – At the end of a season, all items go on sale.  Be careful not to buy items just because they are on sale, but rather look for the staples you need to build your core wardrobe here.  It will be a little bit of a hunt to find your sizes, but when you do it save tons of money.
  • Outlets & Thrift Stores – These places are gold mines! You can find amazing quality and vintage treasures here. All it may take is a little tailoring and you have an amazing suit.


#3 Stop Being Blind to Style

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Men, you are responsible for educating yourself about style. The only way you’re going to grow in style is to research it and apply what you find.

When you go out to try on clothes and speak to sales persons about menswear you will start to spot amazing deals.

You will also begin to build strong relationships with the staff at the stores who will offer additional expertise. Other ways to research are:

  • Visit men’s blog that resonate with you– Maybe my site doesn’t tug at you. Everyone’s style aesthetic is different so search for a blog that has the content that works best for you.
  • Read books and magazines about menswear and men’s style – It’s old school but they still work. Magazines are great for the visuals. They curate their content really well and visually give you ideas to pull from. They also allow you to get an inside look at brands and designers. This well help you find out a particular company’s aesthetic.
  • Find and listen to podcasts about menswear – This is a great option for the gentleman that’s on the go and doesn’t have the time to read or watch videos. The audio file can be saved to your smart phone taken with you anywhere you go!



#4 Don’t be Helpless With Minor Alterations

Alterations are essential to having great style. If you’re not able to afford a custom made piece, alterations will ensure that the fit of your garment works with your body type.

However alterations can be pricey and this can scare some men. It’s best to do your due diligence in learning how to perform basic alterations that don’t require stringent training. Simple alterations that can be done at home with little effort are:

  • Sewing a button – replacing or changing a button using needle and thread
  • Hemming pants – adjusting the length of the pant leg to you desired fit.
  • Darting a shirt – taking in 1-3 inches in the back of the shirt for a more polished fit.

There are dozens of videos that can walk you through these simple alterations. As stated in the third style tip, do your research.

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#5 Start Giving a Damn About Style

If you don’t care or have a driving force that motivates you, then you’re not going to make change in your life. This is true about all parts of life – style included.

Motivators are personal. For some, it can be your family. For others, it could be that you are starting a business. Use whatever inspiring force you have in your life. Style must be a priority.

There are major benefits of caring about your style. Most notably is the boost in confidence that it will give you. That will translate into every part of your life. Folks at work will notice it. Your relationships will benefit from it. Start caring about style and watch it work in your favor.

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