5 Tips To Be The Best Dressed Man In The Room

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5 Tips To Be The Best Dressed Man In The Room

5 Tips To Be The Best Dressed Man In The Room



Tip # 1: Dress With Intention & Confidence

Looking sharp takes a couple of honest mistakes and revisions. Not all guys have the natural eye for mixing and matching the perfect ensemble.

Celebrities get bashed all the time by this so called “Fashion police”. They have an entourage of stylists and fashion consultants, but still, they get meanest trash talk from critics and haters alike.

And this can take a direct hit on everybody’s level of confidence.

But do not let this discourage you.  With your persistence and your drive to improve and succeed, you will be surprised that dressing sharply, even on short notice, gradually becomes second-nature.

The question remains, “How can I dress up well?” We hear this question all the time.

Here is a quick run-down practice guide. Image result for stylish black man

Look For Someone With A Good Sense of Style

Let’s face it. Like everything in life, there’s always someone better, faster, stronger, or more stylish.

Learn from him. He could be a celebrity, model, athlete, actor, designer, teacher or even your next door neighbor.

If he has the “wow” factor, emulate him. Observe on how he dresses up from head to toe, then try it for yourself.

You do not have to use the same brand. It’s the style that you should be after.

Next is, ask for an honest opinion if everything blends well or not. If it does, fantastic! If not, that’s ok, try again until you get things right.



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Go For The Perfect Fit

Alterations may be needed when purchasing off the rack.

As a general overview, your pants should neither be skin tight nor baggy. It should have slim straight cut or anything similar. For the waistline, belts and suspenders should not be needed to hold up the pants.

For the upper garments, it should outline a classic V-shape torso, with an ideal “drop” or with a chest and waist dimension variance of around 10 inches.

For your footwear, the snug fit principle applies as well. Putting a little cash for premium quality dress shoes can really enhance your entire look.

Keep The Unnecessary Inside The Closet

Graphic tees should be left in the 90’s.

Visible brand logos can be distracting. Make sure to remove or cover them. If you can’t, better not wear them.

Torn jeans give a sense of ruggedness and informality. They look unkempt and disorganized.

Slippers and running shoes should be worn at the appropriate situation, such as going to the beach or marathon, not on occasions where formality and presentability are required.

Dress For The Occasion

For formal events, there’s the usual suit jacket-trouser tandem, with tucked in collared dress shirt, a tie and a pair of highly polished, premium leather oxford shoes.

For business casual, you can go for a blazer or sports jacket, with a polo shirt or button down shirt or with a collared checkered on the inside. You can also opt for v-neck sweater as additional layers. Then pair it up either with khakis, dress pants, corduroy pants or linen pants and a good pair leather shoes for the feet.

For other casual types, again, there is the button down or polo shirt, combined with dress pants, khakis or with fine denim jeans. When you are in colder areas, a bomber jacket or a field jacket is a good option to don with. For the finishing touch, choose from loafers, two-tones, bucks, boat shoes or clean-cut boots as your footwear.



Tip # 2: Own A Stand Out Accessory

Alluding back to the intro, the best way to boost your outfit is with a statement piece such as a leather bag. But just don’t settle for any random leather bag that you can find.

You have to be very picky when choosing the one that’s worth every dollar you paid for.

I know that many guys fall for the temptation of buying something cheaper and more affordable. Everybody is on a budget, right?

But learn to think beyond the low price and the passing sense of joy that buying an underrated leather bag can bring.

This feel good moment, sadly, does not last long. All good things must come to an end as they say. This is true with bags made from leather of questionable quality and poor workmanship.

Every disappointed owner will surely tell you to look for the best leather bag available on the market.

Once you start to notice that it lasts longer, can hold your heavy items, as well as the compliments you receive, you can give yourself a pat on the back and say it’s all worth it.

The question is, what are some of the characteristics to look for in a top quality leather bag?

Durability – The longer it stands the test of time and continuous use without breaking apart, the better.

Carry capacity – Depends on your needs. It can be a navigator briefcase, travel bag, tote, work bag, satchel, duffel, leather book bag or anything that meets your specifications.

Intricate craftsmanship – Focuses on the quality of work made into its overall design and finish. The way it was cut, sewn and how the bits and pieces were placed together speaks volumes about its sturdiness.

Type of leather – There are many premium types of leather out there but one of the most notable is your full grain American Buffalo hides. Leather that tells a story.  Look for leather that has not been corrected, but is unique to each bag. Each hide tells a beautiful story and no one bag will be identical.

Another great thing about leather bags is they heighten up the look of your outfit.

They add up to the spice and aesthetic appeal, thus making you sharper and more elegant.

Leather bags are so versatile that they blend perfectly with any garments such as suits, blazers, sports coat, field jacket, bomber jacket, trench coat, polo shirts, button-up shirts and many others, on any occasion and any season.


Tip # 3: Get The Fit Perfect

Seeking the services of a tailor is often underappreciated by many.

People tend to buy first off the rack from boutiques, department stores, and online shops.

There is nothing wrong with that, but these garments are made for general fit. Meaning, they fit snugly to most people on a particular size.

The problem lies when the appropriate size you bought off the rack looks too big and sloppy.

If you need to modify a suit or trouser to fit your frame, here are some common alterations that you can ask from your tailor.

Suit Jacket and Dress Shirt

• Shoulder alteration = EXPENSIVE

This should be avoided because it is the most expensive to alter.  It’s best to shop for your shoulders and save the alterations for the less expensive areas.


Jacket Length

A good rule of thumb is that the length should end at your behind and not below it. Another way to measure is to end just at the knuckles.

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