5 statement sleeves to rock this season

5 statement sleeves to rock this season

5 statement sleeves to rock this season

We have religiously watched outfit after outfit walk down the aisle in various forms and  they all tell us one thing, the sleeves of any outfit should never be boring and simple.

So we have compiled a roundup of the statement sleeves making their way down the runway and into our wardrobes this season.

  1. THE BELL SLEEVEBell sleevesBell sleeves give a very feminine silhouette, with a wide room for interpretation.
  2. THE PUFF SLEEVEpuff sleevepuff sleeves give the illusion of a smaller waist and are very adorable when worn with pencil skirts or jeans.
  3. THE BALLOON SLEEVEballoon sleevesThe balloon sleeves are ethereal and dreamy. They can be victorian and cinched at the wrist or modern and lengthy.
  4. THE CUTOUT SLEEVEcutoff sleevesThe cut out sleeve draws attention to the other parts of the feminine form that aren’t the cleavage.
  5. THE SLIT SLEEVESlit sleevesSlitting elongated sleeves at their seams makes them wearable and practical; not just a runway stint.

Whatever event you choose to grace with your presence be sure to adopt one of these trends; as a fashion queen you have the right to be armed.

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