5 Pitch-Perfect Crop-Top Lessons


5 Pitch-Perfect Crop-Top Lessons

Have you worked out how to wear a crop top yet? The shrunken style has been going strong for many a summer  season, but there are still girls out there who understandably feel anxious over the rumored pitfalls a little stomach-flashing could incur. But fear not—just because the top is short, doesn’t mean abs of steel are an essential prerequisite for styling out this now-staple wardrobe addition.

Like leggings, the crop top is never far from being on the good or bad side of the fashion police, but it’s all about being modern and updating as the years go by. With a little know-how and understanding, this one piece can be incredibly versatile. Layer yours under a smart suit, or go casual with a pair of jeans and a long coat over the top.

1. Go the classic way by using your skinny leather trousers and a bomber jacket. This Crop-Top combo is always a failsafe option.



2. A great way to make sure you feel covered up when wearing a this top is to wear a long, lightweight coat (if the  weather permits, of course) over the top.


3. The best way to do a more formal look when wearing a crop top is to coordinate it with your bottom half.


4. If you’re on a night out but don’t want to revert to the standard jean and top combo, then try a statement skirt worn with a plain black short top.


5. You might think that a “smart” crop top is an oxymoron, but that’s not so when you pair a lace version with a white suit. Leave the jacket casually unbuttoned for a more risque look.

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