5 Must-Own Belts For Men


5 Must-Own Belts

When it comes to these Must-Own Belts, In order to make the very most out of this classic accessory, your choices should be informed, reflect your personality and, in the end, improve whatever you’re wearing. because, in the end, they do more than just hold your trousers up.

If you’re starting your new and improved belt collection from scratch and need help drawing a plan for it, check out below the essentials.


1. A formal, black or brown belt, to go with your formal shoes (it isn’t difficult to find a double-sided style that features both colors).

Must-Own Belt


2. A tan or natural leather belt you’ll wear with jeans. It can be woven or braided, as well as a simple leather strap.



3.  A webbed, fabric version with a double-D buckle fastening for summer. Make sure this one is in a colour you can easily work into your existing wardrobe.



4.  A novelty item. Colored, snakeskin, beaded, studded, metal chain – this is the belt that you will use to mark yourself out from the crowd and has the potential to become a signature piece.



5. None at all. If your trousers fit you correctly you don’t actually need to wear a belt, allowing you to go beltless when you feel your accessorizing has gone too far. This might end up being the most important Must-Own belt you own.

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