5 Jean Skirt Hacks Every Girl Should Try


5 Jean Skirt Hacks Every Girl Should Try

When we first learned that denim skirts were making a comeback, we paused. Seriously? The thing we paired with polos and t-shirts, back when Laguna Beach was still on TV and Kim K. was a girl who made home movies? We weren’t sure we could make it work, but after some consideration — and browsing through various button-front styles — we were sold. We added this ’70s staple to our wardrobes and haven’t looked back since.

Still, that’s not to say it’s been easy creating outfits around this tricky piece. There have been massive Internet searches, celebrity style stalking, and a few stressful mornings in front of the mirror. It wasn’t until recently that we figured out the ultimate trick: keep it simple and let the skirt steal the spotlight. From button-downs to plain white tees, read on for a few ways to wear your denim skirt this season.

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