4 Style Tips on Wearing Coordinates

4 ways to style your coordinates

4 Style Tips on Wearing Coordinates

4 Style Tips on Wearing Coordinates

Though matching sets or coordinates seemed to wear together most of the time, you might be thinking of increasing its versatility. A few years ago, wearing coordinates meant that you lack creativity and imagination. But it became a major trend for where celebrities, fashion bloggers, and street style muses alike have been itching to grab the perfect matching set they could find.  However, if you’re fearful of the idea that you might exactly wear the same outfit as someone else, keep on reading for our 4 tips on wearing coordinates.

Start with solid-colored coordinates that can be teamed with other basics.

Though matching sets seemed that must be worn with its pair, think of trading the matching piece with the same color of your basic pieces. Like trade your matching cobalt blue pants with a pair of jogger pants with a hint of blue which will still complement your structured blazer yet with a modern twist. Or go for a monochromatic style by wearing your matching set together, but with a different top like a tank top, lace top, bandeau top, or crop top that will alter your typical looks.

Add a pop of color when wearing your coordinates together.

Since wearing matching sets is trendy right now, the thing that can put you apart from other wearers is your bag, shoes, or jewelry. Instead of wearing your matching sets with muted or neutral shades, spice it up with brightly colored accessories whether on your shoes, bag, necklace, or belt. Like go for matching sandals and clutch in a cobalt blue shade that will spice up your purple top and shorts. Or, resort to a bright top, neon blazer, or brightly-colored shoes that will make your coordinates more striking and statement-making.

Swap your matching piece with your basic ensembles.

If you think your matching sets are meant to be worn together, think again as one of them can spice up your basic and muted outfits. Instead of wearing your matching set of printed pants and blazer together, mix it up with a casual tank top and an edgy jacket that will look creative and balanced. If you’re tired of wearing your plaid blazer with its plaid matching pants, top it with a plain dress that will give some interest to your simple outfit. For a more catchy style, think of wearing your printed leggings with a neon-colored top which will create a fresh look.

Mix and match your coordinates to mix prints.

If you think your coordinates are meant to be worn with its matching piece, think again as you can mix and match your coordinates with different ones that will create a trendy outfit. Since wearing mixed prints is trendy right now, try to add some voguish vibe to your street style by playing with your coordinates. Think of wearing your polka dots top with other polka dots skirt that will still look cohesive and trendy. Also, instead of teaming your striped blazer with its matching trousers, team it with tropical print pants, and think of wearing the other pieces on the next day to create a surprisingly creative style.


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